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How to get this picture style ??

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  • How to get this picture style ??

    Hello everyone !!

    I found an very interessting picture style o.O !!
    Does anyone have an idea, how to retouch a photo to get this "look" ?
    I really like that "dark" an clear style. I know the VSCO film styles but i cant´t get a look like in the photos with it ):
    No copy !! Just inspiration


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    Re: How to get this picture style ??

    All done in camera. UNDER-exposed! even when he/she used on-camera flash. No post processing.


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      Re: How to get this picture style ??

      I'm with Aladdin on this. You can play with under exposure in camera vs under-processing, but it should look a bit underexposed. Tweak white balance a little cool for most of these and turn down the saturation slightly if appropriate. Post your initial results with just that done + your results with further adjustment if you try anything further + any specific images that you are trying to match. Matching an entire body of work still requires some sensibility, even if it has been tested as a classification problem.

      Some of these have evidence of considerable photoshop work. Others have less. For an obvious example, the mirror's brightness is way way off relative to the background. Even ignoring the obvious vignette, mirrors are not perfect reflectors. Regardless of the difference in angle, it wouldn't kick back that much light relative to the background.

      If you're feeling lost on the initial comparison, no one will be able to guide you to a completely general result right away.


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