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  • Critique on my website

    New site up

    Any suggestions

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    Re: Critique on my website

    When I first load the link I see a blank white screen with "Loading..." in the top left corner in a tiny, almost invisible font.

    That's because I run with "shields up" security to protect me against javascript malware. For me, that's the "ScriptBlock" plugin for the Chrome browser. Javascript is now the main source of malware, delivered via browsers as drive-by shootings. Opening ScriptBlock in Chrome shows a list of the scripts being blocked and their source URL.

    If there is only one source and it's the same URL as the site being displayed, the site is more likely to be safe. If there is a long list of sources with strange and unknown URLs, beware! The site is trying to blast you with script from all over the place and the odds of malware go up considerably.

    The best practice in web authoring is to include a Javascript sensor up front. If the sensor tells you that Javascript is disabled, then display a notice telling the user that Javascript is required and asking them to enable it.

    At a minimum, display something on the home page in normal HTML (without Javascript) so the user sees something other than a blank page.

    Your site shows script from 2 sources. One is your main URL, "", and one is "". Enabling r-e-touch scripts does nothing. Still a blank white screen. That's a sign of re-direction, which is another security red flag. I stopped there and never saw your site.

    The number of such security concious users is small, maybe too small for you to worry about. But you will likely not reach many of them with your current design.


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      Re: Critique on my website

      Are you a recording artist and or a DJ? No?
      Then why are you playing music on your site.


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        Re: Critique on my website

        I don't personally care for any of this.

        The retouching does respect texture, which I like. I think the color choices are decent. What gets me is that the anatomy is completely screwed up in almost every shot. Faces just aren't shaped that way, and it bugs me whenever I see this.

        As for the rest, the name is (in my opinion) too generic rather than personal. Your target clientele does not seem to be people who google the words "retouch" and "photoshop".

        The music shouldn't be there. I can't even imagine what made that seem like an acceptable idea. What if someone opens your site when they're in a public place or on the phone? They will immediately close the tab or reach for the volume. You also need to be sure you're legally allowed to use that music.

        The graphic design aspects of this are just overdone and terrible. I think you should have done a sanity check by getting input from others at earlier stages. Right now you have a distracting background image with an overlay. What makes it even worse is that the makeup and nail color on the background image clash with the color palette of your logo.

        Your statement doesn't say anything about what you do. It says "Central USA". This doesn't indicate city, timezone, or operating hours of any kind. It's just a "we'll get back to you".

        I would also lose the 1980s heavy metal logo font.

        Basically I wouldn't use a single thing on that site, but you're clearly experienced enough that you could do something much better than this. Just make sure you learn to do sanity checks on your anatomy (use or something similar for examples). Also hire someone to do graphic/web design or use a simple template.


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          Re: Critique on my website

          First thing is, your site took much time to load! I dont know its because of my internet or not! You should have to reduce your page loading speed. Then I would say, you should have to change the font used in body area where it is written about R-E-Touch, its not looking professional to me.


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            Re: Critique on my website

            Doesn't load for me on iPad 3


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              Re: Critique on my website

              I will never stay on a page that plays loud music on loading. It makes me angry at whoever's page it is.
              Learn by teaching
              Take responsibility for learning


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                Re: Critique on my website

                Originally posted by Doug Nelson View Post
                I will never stay on a page that plays loud music on loading. It makes me angry at whoever's page it is.
                I agree, I dont know why people use loud music in any webpage!


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                  Re: Critique on my website

                  Not iPad friendly at all.


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                    Re: Critique on my website

                    Yes I agree, I think the music should go, or at least don't have it start automatically on it's own.


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