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how can i get this effect ? image size

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  • how can i get this effect ? image size

    heeellloooo everyone!

    when i make the image size in photoshop higher, then becomes the picture, the higher i take the resoltuion (pixel), at the 100% view more unsharp!! but NOT like you have a 1920 pixel big picture an zoom in 150% ....that´s Not what i mean!

    just the effect, when you take the image size higher an then this unsharpeneffect can i get it, that it looks also in full image view like in 100% view...
    it looks very nice to me..

    i hope you can english is not the best ):

    Greeting Ben !!

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    Re: how can i get this effect ? image size

    Use the box blur.


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      Re: how can i get this effect ? image size

      You can blur the image to get the desired effect or you can pixelate the image using following method.

      Rezise the image to a smaller size and press enter, then resize it back and press enter key again. By the time the image must have pixelated.


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