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  • Color Look , Style - Question


    i like this color-look very much:

    so as i´m not really good in retouching i want to ask you to find the right way to get such a look . just for training - in real i want to achive my own look . but for a start this example would be very interessting for me.

    so i know some basic tipps doing color correction with curves (one adjusment layer for contrast - luminanz, second for color with color)

    but how can i find the best colors for shadows and light matching togehter instead of trail and error finding the best matching.

    thx michael

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    Re: Color Look , Style - Question

    Well, it all starts at the beginning, so it would be great knowing where you are starting from to get closer to this look.

    However, it appears these have desaturated color, so I would do this with a Lab curve, which does this more naturally than any other tool in PS. Start by sliding the end points in equal amounts - see the image below - for both the a and b channels.
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      Re: Color Look , Style - Question

      I don't use lab, but I agree with everything Shoku said.


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        Re: Color Look , Style - Question

        Its all about an idea/mood of the output you want to achieve across all photos
        Then find/create a color overlay and apply to all the photos.
        Color look up is a very useful preset which is available in photoshop
        May be one or more adjustment layers are required to achieve the result, but in all photos these effect layers should be duplicated for the uniformity


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          Re: Color Look , Style - Question

          When I notice significantly different adjustments on different parts, I usually plan on some amount of masking. I draw the fewest possible, but in a number of those I'm convinced I would need one for clothing or skin to get such clean color correction.

          My other suggestion is that you refer to reference material while you work if you are trying to achieve something very specific.


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            Re: Color Look , Style - Question

            I am new to this group and trying to figure out how to post a message in the salon forum. I am Paul Brandow (ptb939). HELP


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