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Any idea how to make similar fashion style?

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  • Any idea how to make similar fashion style?

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    Re: Any idea how to make similar fashion style?

    And the question is?

    You start with balancing out things, then enhance shape and color with dnb and color correction. If you have started working on a similar image and are looking for further directions, then we can help you.


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      Re: Any idea how to make similar fashion style?

      You're still taking too abstract of an approach. When you do this, you confuse yourself. The abstract matters if you want to create an image with a similar appeal. It is completely useless when considering implementation details.

      They did the same thing I've suggested to you before. They go to adjust something. If one adjustment will conflict with another area, then they draw a mask around it. You can see this particularly on the hair, brows, and background.

      Skintones aren't that difficult. Sometimes they need to be masked if the difference is considerable. If something looks flat or washed out, it's usually that some region is too bright. You just have to be careful not to obfuscate anatomical details when you make the adjustment or it will still appear flat.

      This is really all there is to it. Adjust something to match the desired goal. If it's in conflict with something else, separate them with a mask. Use the smallest number of masks possible to achieve whatever is necessary. Don't neglect details (eg. note the retouching on the jewelry, those highlights weren't initially perfect).

      Also keep in mind that you don't have to follow the exact same pattern. I think the hair is over-saturated in the shadows on some of these, which is an artifact of how they chose to adjust it. I think the cheekbones look really really weird.

      Good luck.


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        Re: Any idea how to make similar fashion style?

        skoobey pretty much nailed it. carving/contouring with D&B. some colors will reflect onto the clothing (radiosity) from her surroundings and yes it's possible the background could of had a color casted onto it and masked out only to the bg--not affecting the skintones.