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  • selection to layer

    Once I've got a selection selected, how do I put it in a layer, likely an adjustment layer?

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    Re: selection to layer

    When you make a selection...and get the marching ants all around it... you will then be able to go to any of the The Adjustment Layers and click on them.

    The adjustment layer will open its work...and your selection will be automatically added to the mask that gets created in that new adjustment layer. The mask will either hide or reveal the area you selected... with the adjustment applied to it automatically!

    ALSO... feel free to paint on that mask manually with a white or black brush (white to further reveal the action of the adjustment layer - or black to reduce the effect of the adjustment layer).

    For Example: If you were first selecting the lips to add could have also just created a red curve adjustment layer... above your portrait...and you could have manually painted on the new lipstick color by manually painting on that mask...using a white brush on the black mask to paint on the lipstick...and the black brushing removes the lipstick... NO NEED TO DO SELECTIONS FIRST in some retouching cases.

    Your adjustment layer could also have been a positive RGB curve to selectively add brightness to anywhere in an image...or your adjustment layer could have been a reduction of saturation to tone down the chroma in just SOME of the places in the picture selectively.

    The need to always create selections first when using adjustment layers is an older concept...sometimes it may be necessary or convenient...or you might get tight control... BUT... at other can choose your adjustment layer... dial in what you want to do (reduce brightness for example)...then... select the mask icon on that layer... and paint with white to reveal the darkness...or paint with black to hide the darkness.

    Good luck!!


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      Re: selection to layer

      Ctrl+J copies the selection to new layer then you can make adjustments to the selection without changing the original


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        Re: selection to layer

        Ol Baldy, that's what I needed, a simple answer, because I am trying to restore a picture in parts-selections. That way they get the attention they need. Overall its an old picture of my wife as a young teen, but it has more problems than Hilary does super delegates! Thanks for your help!


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          Re: selection to layer

          I'm shaky on the layers, selections and such. In the layers on the right, I would need for a layer to call itself an adjustment layer by name, to identify it as such. When I get advice, instructions, I need the words and pictures to exactly match what I see on my copy of PS, CC version, or I get lost. Not familiar with it all enough yet. Thanks, anyway.


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