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how can i get this look ????

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  • how can i get this look ????

    hello everyone

    need some help:

    can you tell me how to get this "look" like in these photos ?

    i tried with curves but it doesn´t work ):

    some ideas ?

    greeting ben

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    Re: how can i get this look ????

    What's your starting point?
    It can be done with curves, just not a single curve. You need to mask and use blending modes.


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      Re: how can i get this look ????

      hey, thx for trying to help me!!

      what exactly do you mean with "starting point" ?

      my english is not very well, hope it´s
      understandable ^^


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        Re: how can i get this look ????

        Your image needs to be similar in order to nail the look. Starting point=your image now.


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          Re: how can i get this look ????

          Almost no one who asks this kind of question achieves a strong result, and it's not due to a lack of good answers. You really have to break down what elements of these you wish to incorporate. Let's consider what thy have in common.

          Saturation is relatively low.
          Lighting is usually about eye level, whether it's artificial or natural.
          Subjects are usually slightly dark and high in contrast relative to the background.
          A couple details may have been emphasized or de-emphasized.
          Skintones and clothing details basically "work".

          I suspect by the way your question is posed that you won't begin to understand any of this without sitting down and working through several examples.

          Pick several images that you think are similar to your image. Try to match specific details one at a time. In practice you may not address each thing individually. This will just help you identify what is going on in a way that I don't think you'll pick up from a more detailed explanation or an example.


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            Re: how can i get this look ????

            I have one of two choices to make, I can either lecture you or give you a ready answer.

            I will do both

            The lecture part (constructive):
            Any real PS retouch effect you see by a pro retoucher, is done within PS utilizing the existing tools accessible through the menu system. No tricks, no secrets, no plugins, PERIOD! The only missing element is experience, You attain experience by spending a lot of time performing retouch and edits. When you come accross an effect you like, google some pictures, find anything close enough in lighting and setup, start playing around.
            The tools that will be used over 95% of the time are the basic tools you find under "Image Adjustments", Hue-sat, curve, color balance, etc in addition, some of the filters under "other" on the "Filter" menu.
            You need to spend few hours a day playing around to build understanding of PS tools and what every and each one of them does.
            Eventually, you will develop an expert eye that tells you which approach you may take to achieve the desired result. You might divert, you might discover some new technique, just keep your options open.

            The ready answer:
            All you need is a stack of three layers, Hue/Sat, Vibrance and High-pass filter, all in very low amounts. I placed the Highpass on a smart object to be able to go back and adjust the amount. I used "Normal" mode for all, except the high pass, I used Color Burn, try Overlay or some other mode you like.
            You will not get exact same results because every picture is different.
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