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    I am being taught that, in quick select, I can expand or contract a selected area
    by using a paint brush. Pick white and I expand a selected area, pick black and I subtract from it. Very useful for primping selections, particularly rough ideas selected with a lasso tool. Problem is, when I picked white, the tool did the same as for black. I NEVER could add to a selection with this process. I am using PS, CC version. How can I use quick select to add to a selection? Thanks!

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    Re: Quick select

    Press D, to set your brushes to default. Also, you might have re-selected within the quick mask, and there by you can only paint within your selection. Try going to Select>deselect. Also, try using the eraser instead of brush.


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      Re: Quick select

      You are mistaking Quick select for Quick mask.


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        Re: Quick select

        And so have I Take you quick selection to quick mask, and then you can do all of the above.


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