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How to fix this area.

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  • How to fix this area.

    Hello all,

    I've been working on this particular image. The model has a patchy shoulder and lots of dry skin. I've attached a before and after of what I have managed to achieve but it isnt to a standard I'm happy with.

    This is what I did:

    Hue/Sat to reduce redness
    heal white flaky skin away

    The combination of these is what got my result but I'm wondering what to do next.. should I just keep dodge and burning?

    Here is the before and after:
    Here is a crop of the shoulder which you can edit:

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: How to fix this area.

    It's looking good, move on.


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      Re: How to fix this area.

      I think it's already a bit overdone in some aspects. Note how that bright portion now goes right through the middle of it. Areas like the neck can be more difficult, because those bumps protrude further and they are larger.


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        Re: How to fix this area.

        I guess you have done pretty good job on this! Nothing more needed and dont make it look unnatural.


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          Re: How to fix this area.

          Originally posted by skoobey View Post
          It's looking good, move on.
          If you were a paying client and you were happy with this work as the final product, then fine.


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            Re: How to fix this area.

            There are so many unresolved issues that need attention, that you should move on. It's good enough.

            Neck texture, arm hair, wrinkles, stray hair, overall color...
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