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  • might sound silly, but

    I am working on a bunch of high school reunion pictures, in the develop mode, of course. The word "done" has been at the bottom of the frame until lately. I wonder what I did that knocked it out and how to get it back? Thanks!

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    Re: might sound silly, but

    Are you referring to a water mark? You are talking about Lightroom? It's hard to understand what you mean. Have you perhaps added a crop to your develop preset, and then applied it to all the photos? If you are talking about a menu option, "done" appears when you're making an adjustment such as crop, or spot removal, radial filter etc, and once you click done those are applied, but for raw developing, you don't need to click anything to maintain your adjustments, it's the default tool. If you are using one of those adjustment tools that do require "done", they are highlighted as icons, and those are located right under the histogram by default, on your right. And if you don't want to use them, and have entered them by mstake, just press Escape on your keyboard, or press the highlighted icon again, and you'll be back at the raw developing tool with sliders for temperature, contrast etc.

    Lightroom has a great PDF guide.
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      Re: might sound silly, but

      Wasn't clear enough, there. In Lightroom, in develop mode, there usually is a button on the screen that said "done". It was there for a long while, but not now. It sat to the bottom right of the work area, left of the adjustments panel.


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        Re: might sound silly, but

        I believe you will find that skoobey is correct.

        The button named Done only appears once you have selected a tool such as adjustment brush or crop. It appears to the left of the Previous and Reset buttons under and to the bottom right of the image area box.

        Once you have completed your adjustment and clicked Done it vanishes until you next select a tool