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Change the cabinetry color?

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  • Change the cabinetry color?

    Hello all

    I need to change the color of the cabinets from the original beige to
    " Charcoal Gray" which I take to mean dark gray. Using the color replacement tool it's easy enough to add a tint of almost any color but even I pick solid black I can't get them any darker than light gray. I need to hold the hardware color if I can .
    I'm stumped
    Can you point me in the right direction?

    Any help will be great appreciated

    Here's a full sized file
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    Re: Change the cabinetry color?

    Several ways that you could do this including Gradient map, Lab colour etc.

    It is likely to involve masking therefore one way would be:
    • Mask your cabinetry first. Take your time do not do the sloppy job I did here
    • Add a new layer set blend mode to Color
    • With your mask active paint black in the mask area - this will only turn the colour light grey
    • Add a curve layer and clip to the layer below (this will only apply the curve to the painted area)
    • Reduce the density using curves layer until you get the grey shade you require.
    • You may want to add a further layer for DnB

    If you really need to hold the hardware colour you will need to mask this to exclude. But I would imagine that if a cabinet is going to be grey then the hardware is likely to be black to match?
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      Re: Change the cabinetry color?

      Awesome , Thanks


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        Re: Change the cabinetry color?

        I would suggest almost the same thing. I would mask, then try to get it close within 1-3 adjustment layers over the entirety of the cabinetry. Sometimes shadows and contouring won't look right. You may have to paint in parts for that, but leave it for the details. I don't use color blending mode unless it turns out to be necessary. The reason for this is that RGB channels tend to be highly correlated, and trying to change the balance between channels while maintaining the same distance from the origin (0,0,0) can lead to a lot of weird subtle problems.

        You're also likely to achieve better results if you keep some reference material handy, specifically a shot containing cabinet work that is very close in color to what you hope to achieve. It can be a good sanity check. It's easy to gradually make something look bad if you skip the reference material.


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          Re: Change the cabinetry color?

          I think Tony has got this one but i’ll add a little extra.…

          I used to work in a studio that specialised in furniture and the retouchers would get asked to change all sorts. Black to white and back again, even textures and materials would be replaced. My favourite was changing patterned textures to high gloss leather... you know your doing alright on photoshop when these get approved by a picky client!

          The key here is to not immediately think of this as a difficult job just a more complicated colour change.

          Firstly re-colouring and darkening can be done as gradient maps as stated. One gradient map in colour blend mode and the other beneath set as normal mode. The top one de-saturates and the bottom one changes the brightness and contrast.

          The second part is following the light. Look to splitting the cabinets into parts if possible using clipping paths and darken or brighten the parts individually. You could use channels as a guide for the light.
          A good example of this can be seen on a cube. Each side of a cube has a different depth of light. A cream cube reflects a lot of light and therefore the highlights may be brighter but the shadows will be a lot lighter. This means one side of the cube has to go a lot darker creating shape and depth when retouched to dark grey.

          Going for an overall darken will not work as well here.
          I’ve attached my 5 min attempt. I could go a lot darker with the gradient maps if I needed without going near LAB.


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            Re: Change the cabinetry color?

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              Re: Change the cabinetry color?

              Originally posted by retouchingvisua View Post
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