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  • Remove Sun Glare

    Novice photographer here trying to figure out how to remove the sun glare from photos taken this weekend. I knew the sun would be a problem, but my editing skills are too novice to figure out how to remove the sun glare. Any tutorials or advice are GREATLY appreciated!

    Link to one of the photos (yes I have more)

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    Re: Remove Sun Glare

    I think you will get more help if you attach and image here rather than posting a link to a 25MB download - many here I suspect are not prepared to download such files.

    You should be able to post a reasonable size image that shows the problem so that we can suggest ways you can try. Please also let us know what editing software you have


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      Re: Remove Sun Glare

      Thanks for the feedback! I'm unable to attach a photo due to an error message. Waiting on the site admin to resolve the issue. I've resized it to 592K :

      I'm using Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 for editing.

      Thanks again!


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        Re: Remove Sun Glare

        The Patch, Healing and Clone tools will all help you here. Sample good areas of the image to replace the glare.


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          Re: Remove Sun Glare

          Selected the sky, rather roughly and used a sky-toned gradient to cover the glare.
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            Re: Remove Sun Glare

            The girls in the image are dark. They need their luminance raised so they become brighter and more visible.

            This is best accomplishes using a curve or layer adjustment layer. Go to the bottom of the Layers Pallet and click on the 1/2 moon "Adjustment Layers Icon" You will see a list. Choose curves for example. Click on the center of a curve and drag it up from the middle. This will make the whole image way brighter... including your girls faces. Click on that layer and do a control or command "I" to invert the white mask to a black mask. The brightness will go away when the mask becomes black. THEN, with a small, soft, 15% opacity white brush...paint on the image... it will make just the girls faces lighter the more you paint on them. White brush to add brightness,black brush to reduce brightness. Remember to click on the mask icon on the layer and make sure it is selected before you do the control I or paint with white.

            This technique will selectively brighten any part of the image to any degree you want. If you need more the adjustment layer a second time and paint in some more light.




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              Re: Remove Sun Glare

              Originally posted by ewashington View Post
              Novice photographer here trying to figure out how to remove the sun glare from photos taken this weekend. I knew the sun would be a problem, but my editing skills are too novice to figure out how to remove the sun glare.
              Probably no useful short answer to your question. It involves learning the basics of Photoshop -- layers, masks, blend modes, and a whole bunch of tools like the clone tool, healing brush, curves, shadows/highlights filter, etc. There's usually no short and easy way to fix problems like this.
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