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  • Actions/Brushes/Programs


    New member and I apologize. This question MUST have been asked but apparently my search term capabilities are sub par or just plain suck.
    I'm new to Photoshop and have been specializing in beauty headshots,portraits, senior pics, etc. I am looking for a great set of Photoshop Actions. I have googled far and wide and thought I'd give this community a shot for some great advice. appreciate in advance.


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    Re: Actions/Brushes/Programs

    I made all my actions myself, there is not much an action will do for you that you can't do on your own. Observe your workflow, and see what you do repeatedly, then make actions for those tasks.


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      Re: Actions/Brushes/Programs

      I completely understand and agree. I'm just at a point where after 50-60 hours at a day job, I would gladly pay for someone's efforts having done the work , yes I could have done but don't have the time


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        Re: Actions/Brushes/Programs

        Ylia Kuzmenko has that retouch panel which is basically actions for simple daily work.


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