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  • Critique please

    Hi Retouch Pro,

    I would like to get some critique on my last retouch. I'm a beginner and any real and honest critique will help.
    Please look at my image from this link down below:

    PS: Is there another way how to post an image to this forum ?
    Thank you so much for your time. I do appreciate.

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    Re: Critique please

    Use save for web feature, make the image 800px high, and less then 100kb in size and you'll be able to post directly. Or become a patron, and then you get amenities like the bigger image upload size.

    The way you uploaded is fine, as long as no one has to download anything.

    Concerning the image. First thing you want to be working on is evening the tones. Skin si blotchy. Overall introduction of contrast through global shading is something you'll learn down the line. Focus on the basics first.


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      Re: Critique please

      The link is directing to a place where its saying the folder is empty! Can you can upload here the image through attachment option but you cant upload the high resolution one!