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  • critique and decode

    My best to all...

    1) I would like to get the retouch and tone of attached photo (decode.jpg and decode2.jpg). I believe this look is from less color-more saturation, use of selective color, and dodge and burn. However I can't seem to get the smoothness in the skin. How to get the smooth skin transitions - all dodge and burn?

    2) the other image, studio shot (wife.jpg), is my wife. Shot and retouched today - give me your thoughts. For that I embraced use of shadows/highlights, selective color, dodge and burn with retouch from 'support layers'. All natural retouching (no inverted high-pass).

    Would really like to get a nice smooth transition like the decode.jpg images. I know much of its lighting, and I practice a lot, but overall I'm going for darker colors and tone with smooth transitions.
    Let me know if you have any advice. thank you

    - Justin
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