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  • layers

    can somebody please tell me how to setup a layer to work on eyes without effecting other layers............screenshot attached
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    Re: layers

    A friendly advice: learn the basics. This is if you want to learn retouching. Or just pay a retoucher 20$.

    You can right click the layer names and duplicate them, work on the eyes and erase the rest, but the image is already going out of control.


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      Re: layers

      Try any one of the following ways..

      1. You create a new layer (Press shift+cmd+N (mac) or shift+ctrl+N (win)
      and do retouch on eye part alone.( while do so, make sure healing brush or stamp tool is set with 'current & below' or 'all layers' in the property tab).

      2. Merge all layers , duplicate the same , create mask for eye part alone and proceed for retouching.

      3. or else merge all visible layer to new layer ( Press shift+cmd+option+E (mac), or shift+cmd+option+E (Win), and do retouching on the eye part alone.


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        Re: layers

        Layers are the magic of Retouching... and learning to use masks is the ultimate in power and creativity and control.

        To make a new clean clear transparent layer to work on... go down to the bottom of the main Layers Pallet. You will see icons on the bottom of the Layers Pallet (as in your sample image). The second icon in from the right is the "Make New Layer Icon"... Right to the left of the trash/delete icon. If you hover over the icon you may see a reminder prompt pop up and tell you that you have the right icon...if you have the show tool prompts and descriptions ON in the main preferences area of Photoshop.

        It is always great to go to the layer near where you are working on... and click that layer...and then when you click the "New Layer" Icon...the new clear layer will be placed up one layer above what you want to work on.

        YES... every time I do a separate step... I put it on a new clear transparent layer. That way I can clone or paint or draw and I will NOT be messing up the original image. If I make any mistakes I can easily go to the transparent layer and erase any mistakes and do it over again without loosing time or quality or damaging my base layer up.

        You can use the move tool to move the correction around on that layer, you can erase any part of it, you can add a mask to reveal or hide any part of what you just created, and you can change the blending mode of that new layer, or change its intensity with the Layers Opacity Slider.

        Good Question!!!!! Take the time to Master Layers and Masks... and you will become powerful and highly creative and your stress level will go down a lot... because masks and layers give you control, artistry, the ability to easily change things, or to make adjustmants to your art.

        If you save your picture with the .PSD, or the .PNG, or the TIFF file formats...then ALL OF YOUR LAYERS AND MASKS will be saved with your image...and the next time you open up your image...your layers and masks will still be there for you to control. If you save an image as .jpg... then you save the image...but you LOOSE all the layer work you did! Use .jpg to do the final web publish of the image...otherwise save it as a .PSD so all of your creative layers are always available at all times!!!




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          Re: layers

          Originally posted by chas18052 View Post
          can somebody please tell me how to setup a layer to work on eyes without effecting other layers............screenshot attached
          It depends on what kind of work you want to do. I use blank layers in various blend modes (soft light, overlay, normal) to enlarge pupils, selectively brighten irises and whites of eyes, shape eyebrows (clone), and create or enhance catchlights. I also use adjustment layers such as hue/sat in multiply mode to paint eyelashes, and photo filters in various hues to paint on eye shadow or enhance eye color.
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