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Michael Rosen technique

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  • Michael Rosen technique

    I have recently discovered Michael Rosen's beautiful work. I would like the skills to approach this effect.

    Rosen's website is still active. (he died in 2015)

    My particular interest is drawn to 1) the website homepage cover picture and 2) (the high key image called Winter in Chicago).

    The things I have particularly noticed about Rosen's work are 1) high sharpness throughout on the subject 2) soft skin, 3) fine attention to color grading and 4) detailed and high-end wardrobe and MUA work. You may be able to identify other features.

    Q: (So many questions. I'll start here). What do I need to learn to get Rosen's look in the high-key picture referenced above named Winter in Chicago? I am an intermediate user of PS CC.

    Thank you,
    Dan Daniel

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    Re: Michael Rosen technique

    You need a caucasian model wearing a white fur coat over her head in front of a light backdrop. Then DNB for the tones/shades and color adjustments for even desaturation.


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      Re: Michael Rosen technique

      Skooby, thanks. your answer on the high-key photo makes total sense.

      New question: on the Homepage model, what is it that makes this so striking? is it the the clarity in the hair, eyes and wardrobe? The soft skin?. What is it that seems so different from a typical excellent photograph?


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        Re: Michael Rosen technique

        Styling and DNB as well as the color of the skin. It has a phantasy element to it because it's not anatomically correct.


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          Re: Michael Rosen technique

          Skoobey, I like your 'phantasy element' characterization. This helps.


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            Re: Michael Rosen technique

            Funny how I spelled it. PhD coming through. Ahahaha
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