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3d lut with photography workflow

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  • 3d lut with photography workflow

    I need some advice from you guys. I want prepare raw image for 3dluts packs like Orisis. Preferably raw converter - Capture One. Then in photoshop apply something like log c to rec709 and creative 3dlut

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    Re: 3d lut with photography workflow

    Osiris LUTs are designed for the Film Grading, if you want use them with the photos, you may (or not) receive the awful results.
    There are tons of LUTs you may use with the photos - from the color correction LUTs till the special effects.

    You can check my photoshop action with backed-in LUT for the one click darken the skies, I've posted today for free


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      Re: 3d lut with photography workflow

      Thank you. Where can I find 3duts for photography? Generally I converted my presets from lightroom lile tribe to use it after processing in capture one. After apply this lut photo looks overprocess. Looking for make log from jpg lut


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        Re: 3d lut with photography workflow

        Please tell me, what kind of LUTs do you need for photos?
        I have created enhancers, kind of film emulsions, special effects, monochromes, antique colors, etc.


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          Re: 3d lut with photography workflow

          Last touch like enchancers, color toning and some film


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            Re: 3d lut with photography workflow

            OK. Will prepare and post here soon/


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              Re: 3d lut with photography workflow

              Wow. Thank you


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                Re: 3d lut with photography workflow

                Sorry for the delay, I will fine tune my LUTs and publish for free at my DeviantArt page

                You can read more about LUTs here:


                You can try George Anchev's 3DLUT for free



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                  Re: 3d lut with photography workflow

                  Why would you want to use rec709 for still photography? That sounds like a broken workflow. Usually when people ask this, it's due to misunderstandings.This thread came to mind. A couple posts by rudym and tulack may interest you.


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                    Re: 3d lut with photography workflow

                    I think because rec709 is standard in film grading, which is what Osiris is made for.

                    It's very close to sRGB, so I think it would be fine to work in.


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                      Re: 3d lut with photography workflow

                      I love tribe redleaf and archipelago looks but I prefer edit raw in Capture One. I just want to have something similiar to apply in photoshop during postprocessing


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