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fake film neg framing

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  • fake film neg framing

    Hi, I've seen these digital shots which have a fake film info framing - these ones for the pro400h - I was wondering if anyone knew what program these are from -does vsco give you the framing around the image when you select one of the film filters to go over an image? these ones have quite a film look to them if anyone knows what programs they are from ?
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    Re: fake film neg framing

    What makes you believe that these are digital rather than scans from analogue film, either 6x4.5cm or 6x7cm?

    Film scan Pentax 645


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      Re: fake film neg framing

      Hi Tony. They have the digi info on the files. They were shot digital on the Nikon
      D3s - so I'm guessing that this has been added after to have a film type look and the framing info -


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        Re: fake film neg framing

        Ahh,in that case you may have to make/fake your own. Unless someone here knows of any ready made?

        One way you may tackle this HERE
        For accuracy you may need to find a genuine scan from a particular film and try to replicate


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          Re: fake film neg framing

          Thanks for the link. I was mainly hoping to find if any one knew if it was from a pre set type of thing such as Vsco etc just as I've seen a few people use this boarder and seem to have a very nice film look to the work when it's been shot digital - sorry the files posted are quite small. Thanks for your help though.


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            Re: fake film neg framing



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