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glamour shiny brown color look

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  • glamour shiny brown color look

    Does anybody know how to retouch like this?
    I like this glamour shiny brown color and image look.

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    Re: glamour shiny brown color look

    Here is one way:

    1. Select the skin, open a hue/saturation adjustment layer, change blend mode to Multiply, adjust saturation and layer opacity.

    2. For the sheen, dodge the highlight areas.

    Quickie illustration:


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      Re: glamour shiny brown color look

      It's hard to fake that shiny skin look from scratch. The knee area, quadriceps, and the side of the buttocks would be difficult, depending on the shot. You would want to address it using makeup and lighting. In post the saturation here is fairly low. The highlights have a kind of yellow (not warm but truly yellow) tint.

      A few post items really hold this together. The eyes have enough brightness to prevent her from feeling too dark. The hard shadow by her nose and along the wall really help hold that high contrast appearance. The highlights probably originate in camera, but I think they selectively brought those shadows down slightly to get the right look.

      I noticed that the lips, hair, and the black garment don't have quite as heavy of a yellow cast. They probably did this to maintain balance. If the whole thing just looks yellow, it loses the dramatic appeal or drifts too far into film festival one sheet territory.


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        Re: glamour shiny brown color look

        The looks is mainly olive oil (or some kind of shimmer spray) on the model when you're shooting, along with hard light (Profoto Hardbox, or just bare bulb if you can control the spill).

        Post processing doesn't look like anything you couldn't do in Instagram.


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          Re: glamour shiny brown color look

          Originally posted by Sabrina81 View Post
          [...] 2. For the sheen, dodge the highlight areas.
          Also, fill in the whites with white is interesting.

          I was wondering how would you go about to get the look as in those images:

          In one of them I can clearly identify the "multiply" trick. Yet, in the other two the skin is totally different and maybe it was used other blending mode or something else. I understand that the skin may have been made soft first thru frequency separation or something similar.

          In addition to that, I am interested in making the background lighter. I believe that overexposing can do the job and then I can bring down the luminosity of the subject. However, the background in those picture seems a lot lighter. I can think of two ways to achieve that with curve and gamma.



          I would like to lighten the background and keep color integrity. In those picture I believe some clouds must have been added though.



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            Re: glamour shiny brown color look

            If you happen to know anything about photography, the background in this pictures taken care of in camera, Photoshop is not Be all and End all! Most of the work, the critical one, was done in camera, expose to subject and over blow the background, very simple.


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              Re: glamour shiny brown color look

              As far as I know, quick way is to emulate color with curve. Say this photo is A, your own photo is B, you just use eyedroper to find RGB value of standard skin color in photo A, like the skin between the eyes, write them down;
              Do the same thing to photo B.
              Create curve adjustment layer, Red channel, click a random dot in the curve line, input the import and export value of A and B.......and Green channel....and Blue channel.


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