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  • Examples of Great Retouching

    Hey all,

    I was digging through the forums and stumbled upon this thread:

    It's a discussion about the most useful sets of knowledge to have as a retoucher (color theory, anatomy, etc.)

    Early on, skoobey mentions that one of the most important tools is a good working sense of what's beautiful, developed from looking at beautiful things. I thought this was a wonderful idea (cheers!) and figured it might make for an interesting thread. Apologies if someone has already made a thread like this.

    I'd be curious to see who and what the community here looks at. Who is making work that inspires us, and what is it that makes their work beautiful? I think it's appropriate to be linking out to the highest quality images we can get, and attaching thumbnails for quick reference only.

    I hope everyone else likes this idea as much as I do!


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    Re: Examples of Great Retouching

    Caravaggio. Can't get enough. Also, early renaissance (not so much Giotto, maybe paintings were worse than other's, maybe I don't like his work). Ansel Adams, Herb Ritts, Edward Steichen, Richard Avedon, Dave LaChappelle

    Now, there are a lot of contemporary photographers, I can't go with mentioning all of them, so the big agencies, I like almost everyone (except those two GWC, you know who they are, one is "art" and fat, another one is "porn" and wears same shades all the time).

    EDIT: Van Rijn, Bruegel, ah so many!

    EDIT: Kokoschka, Monet, Manet

    EDIT: Packing my bags going to the gallery.
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      Re: Examples of Great Retouching

      Originally posted by atsamstamler View Post
      Who is making work that inspires us, and what is it that makes their work beautiful?
      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder . . . or the person who is creating or using images for a specific intent.

      What is the original Photographer's intent?

      What is the intent of the marketer who paid a photographer to shoot a series, and then will manipulate those images to best present their intended message?

      And what about stock photos that are manipulated in diverse ways to conform to different marketing campaigns?

      If the ultimate visual result creates the response intended then it works and is beautiful for that specific purpose.


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        Re: Examples of Great Retouching

        Originally posted by atsamstamler View Post
        ... Who is making work that inspires us, and what is it that makes their work beautiful? ...
        This is a broad question. I'm always learning... so inspiration sources are also changing.

        In general I'm fascinated by fashion photography... This blog can be a good start:


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          Re: Examples of Great Retouching

          I don't think retouching is necessarily computer, or photography based. It is all essentially visual art, as long as the end result is an image, how you got it is just a tool. Besides, retouching is basically simplified painting.


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            Re: Examples of Great Retouching

            Originally posted by skoobey View Post
            Besides, retouching is basically simplified painting.
            I found this link and it's basically all painting and drawning! Also, it covers shading and subsurface scattering:

            Some of that may apply to retouching skin as well.


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              Re: Examples of Great Retouching

              Hi please check this out


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