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  • Reverse engineer this image

    I'm a photographer, so i have a very good understanding of lighting and gear to be used.

    But, what do you think they did to get this look..

    Im kinda leaning towards "Apply Image" or some sort of Color Burn and mask?


    Before and after:

    ^^ How do you get that hazy glass look at the edge of the photos?

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    Re: Reverse engineer this image

    Any ideas?


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      Re: Reverse engineer this image

      Lift black point on curve, maybe lower the white point(like on the left in cotton factory), then apply a rough mask using large soft brush.

      As for the window shine, it something like a new layer with big brush (yellow or orange color), blended to overlay or screen layers

      Bue shadows in the second image... same thing ,lift black point on blue channel curve...


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        Re: Reverse engineer this image

        Tried what you said on the second image, it gets me close enough to the desired result, with a bit more finessing and the right colors i could.

        But the sky is tricky

        Thanks though


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          Re: Reverse engineer this image

          Maybe you need to mask the sky and adjust it separately?


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            Re: Reverse engineer this image

            As skoobey said, if you can't get one piece to work with the others, mask it off. Given that one sample, you have no way to discover exactly how they arrived at it without asking them. Even then it's not guaranteed that their method will generalize well. The easiest way to approach these things is to mask wherever necessary. If you find something that can combine multiple masked adjustments with unmasked ones without nasty side effects on most images, then apply that later on.

            Searching for the perfect settings tends to be quite unreliable.


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              Re: Reverse engineer this image

              Yea, just wanted like the foundation to get something like that. Not an exact copy


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                Re: Reverse engineer this image

                Originally posted by courage View Post
                Yea, just wanted like the foundation to get something like that. Not an exact copy
                That's my point. If one area doesn't work like the others, break it off from the rest and further adjust that single part. Being unable to get the sky is an absolutely trivial problem in any situation with a simple skyline. Most real retouching problems are significantly more difficult.


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