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  • Nick Leadlay edits

    Can anyone help me with Nicks edits of DeNiro , Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence?

    They are found here

    Thank you!

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    Re: Nick Leadlay edits

    Have you attempted them? If so, post your results and where you're stuck. Otherwise these questions never really go anywhere.


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      Re: Nick Leadlay edits

      Yes, we really need to see the photo you're working with. If you didn't get the light and shadows right in camera, you'll be pushing the proverbial uphill.


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        Re: Nick Leadlay edits

        I did try before using gradients and a little bit of desaturation.
        I'm going to try and relpicate the lighting this weekend. I guess I'm asking for tips on what I should be playing around with.



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          Re: Nick Leadlay edits

          I wouldn't suggest focusing too much on the exact tools (although I hate gradients). Try breaking it down into pieces. See if you can get close on part of it. Show us how far you get and mention what you did to get there.

          I can tell you that it will probably require some amount of masking, but you almost never need things like gradients. I don't know why people turn to them. They're a linear blending tool, and they act like a linear blending tool. The things people apply them to tend to be highly non-linear, so it looks weird.


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