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  • Golden Hour Colour Tones

    Hey Guys

    Im new to the forum and looking for a little help in getting a golden hour tone similar to J amie H awkesworth, J eff B oudreau and C olin D odgson.

    I understand most of these images are shot on Portra 400 but there is still further tonal developments after.

    And I understand some images are taken at golden hour but they are still pushed. There are others which aren't taken at this time but still have that warmth.

    I would guess some are done on colour enlargers using the CMY filters is there a way to get something close to this using photoshop. Ive tried a myriad of ways with channel mixer, Selective colour, Photo filter but it still feels like I'm missing something.

    Any info would be much appreciated

    Many Thanks!


    J amie H awkesworth:

    C olin D odgson:

    J eff B oudreaux:

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    Re: Golden Hour Colour Tones

    I would try photo filter on a midtones, 3/4 tones density mask.

    To reverse engineering an image I would look for an object that is either white or grey and take colour samples (for some reasons, I tend to do this in CMYk).

    White/grey objects will have a shadow colour identical to the ambient light hitting it while the lit area will be the light colour plus the ambient.

    You can remove the shadow colour from the lit part to find the light colour.


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      Re: Golden Hour Colour Tones

      Originally posted by sause View Post
      Ive tried a myriad of ways with channel mixer, Selective colour, Photo filter but it still feels like I'm missing something.
      Does it look like something is missing? Maybe you could post a before and after of one that doesn't feel right to you.

      Here are four ways that feel and look OK to me. The result will obviously depend on what sort of image you start with.


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        Re: Golden Hour Colour Tones

        Shoot during the golden hour??


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          Re: Golden Hour Colour Tones

          Originally posted by longside1 View Post
          Shoot during the golden hour??
          Some of the images the OP posted are indoors. On this one, the RGB values tell the tale. High red, low blue. That creates the orange cast. Probably done with curves. I'm assuming the walls are actually white (neutral).
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