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how to seamless floor pattern

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  • how to seamless floor pattern

    Hi community and gurus,

    I want to retouch an image making the floor seamless as there is a joint patch on the wooden floor visible in the attaches seamless picture for your reference. I have also attached an original image as well. I need to to know only the technique by which it can be done. A help from guru is appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    Re: how to seamless floor pattern

    I would do it in three sections. Here are the steps for the first section. Repeat this for the others. Under the chair you'll have to restore some of the shadows.
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      Re: how to seamless floor pattern

      Thanks Sabrina81, you have took time to illustrate indetail. Really appreciated


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        Re: how to seamless floor pattern

        I don't know if this applies to this image, probably you gonna be better with a little bit of free transformation and the stamp tool but when you need to do a seamless pattern An architect friend showed me a very easy and very affective technique. practically you need to get a area of the floor that you like the most. with the perspective warp you need to warp as if it was a overhead shoot. get the overhead shoot and with the offset filter you need to move the image 'till you got a cross in the middle and stamp tool it out. there you have it a nice seamless pattern you can repeat :-)


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