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The purpose of retouching for modeling agency book

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  • The purpose of retouching for modeling agency book

    Hey guys!

    I'm starting to shoot studio photos for model agencies here in Brazil.

    Pretty much, those are photos for the model's book, which the booker shows to clients to get them hired for jobs. They are intentionally underproduced and the model's natural beauty should really stand out.

    My big question is translating these theoretical principles into post-production effective work. I'd say dodge & burn the skin, take a bit off attention away from clothes, maybe not use harsh contrasts...

    But I'd love to hear your thoughts regarding editing and retouching in these cases.

    Here are some examples below.

    Cheers, guys.

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    Re: The purpose of retouching for modeling agency

    It's just like anything else... some faces look great with more retouching, some with less etc. There is no universal rules. Just don't erase anyone's features.

    P.S. If you need to know what it looks like to a 3rd person, you can look for an opinion in "critiques" section.


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