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Healing Brush Creating Artifacts at Edges

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  • Healing Brush Creating Artifacts at Edges

    Hey everyone!

    I'm having a problem (and have been having it for a while) where my healing brush will cause artifacts at the edges of the area I've worked on. I've attached a google drive link with screen shots. These aren't the white outline artifacts that we used to see, but rather a mismatch of texture maybe? I know that using healing brush on a layer that has translucent elements will sometimes cause this, but these screen shots are from a brand new empty layer at 100% opacity at the top of the stack. I'm completely confused and need to get this problem solved asap.

    Does anyone have any sense as to what causes this / how to prevent it?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Healing Brush Creating Artifacts at Edges

    These are aliasing artifacts. You can try covering a wider area. Otherwise use a different tool. The algorithm can't blend those two things in a desirable manner. It's important to realize that photoshop existed for 10 years or so before the healing brush was added. If it isn't working, you can still make things look excellent without it.


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      Re: Healing Brush Creating Artifacts at Edges

      Hey, thanks for your answer! I ended up doing the work underneath a 1.5 px gaussian blur frequency separation, which solved the problem.


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        Re: Healing Brush Creating Artifacts at Edges

        Cool. I could see that working. A gaussian filter is often used as an anti aliasing filter, and you had aliasing problems. I never really made use of frequency separation.


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