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How can I remove clouds on satellite imagery?

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  • How can I remove clouds on satellite imagery?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm brandnew in this forum and I think I'm at a good place here to learn about retouching with Adobe Photoshop. I'm sure my question is easy to answer. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Sorry for the double post. Please remove first one, mods, thank you.
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    Re: How can I remove clouds on satellite imagery?

    Why don't you post the picture you are interested in. That way we could help you.


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      Re: How can I remove clouds on satellite imagery?

      Hi Phil, thank you for your input. I don't think that your forum would let me upload pictures of around 700 MB. Satellite pictures are of extremely high resolution. But what I can do is make a jpeg version of it and upload that picture. The size is still 5.76 MB. I'm not sure if you can retrieve the picture or not.


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        Re: How can I remove clouds on satellite imagery?

        Well I was able to upload the file you referred to. I did downsize it some as well. You could remove the clouds by cloning into the clouds the adjacent area. And in some cases, selecting the cloud and filling with Content Aware Fill
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          Re: How can I remove clouds on satellite imagery?

          Not so sure I understand what's going on here. I have done a fair amount of aerial photography and the intent was to show what was there on the ground. If you had a cloud over the subject one could not tell what was there.

          If you clone in the surrounding area over the cloud you still do not know what was really there. So why are you doing this?

          Kind of reminds me of the story about the customer who wanted the hat taken off a portrait of her deceased husband. When the retoucher asked her what color his hair was her reply was "why do you ask, you should be able to tell that when you take his hat off".


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            Re: How can I remove clouds on satellite imagery?

            The file will be used in Microsoft Flight Simulator as photographic scenery.


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              Hi everyone,

              I'm brand new in this forum and I'm sure my question is very easy to answer, but I'm a newbie.

              CAn anyone help, please? Any positive answer is greatly appreciated.
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