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Retouch kink in hair

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  • Retouch kink in hair

    I need to remove the kink in the middle of the hair to the left and above of the eyebrow in this image. Any suggestions on how to do this welcome.
    Thank You
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    Re: Retouch kink in hair

    You can use clone stamp in a transparent new layer, use transform warp to match the hair movement, create some light hair with brush tool (click + shift click) and adjust with transform warp.
    This is a quick try.....
    You can create a 50% gray layer, use filter- render-fiber variance 24, strength 53, blend mode "soft light" with mask see psd attached.
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      Re: Retouch kink in hair

      Thanks for that, I'll give it a try.


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        Re: Retouch kink in hair

        Well I made a new layer and just used the clone tool
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