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Frequency Separation "high" layer acting weird

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  • Frequency Separation "high" layer acting weird

    I'm quite new at retouching, but I've never encountered this. I'm practicing basic frequency separation and since yesterday, the High layer is showing weirdness when I clone stamp or use the healing brush. (2 attached screen shots) In both these images I exaggerated the use of the clone stamp, so hopefully you can see.
    My settings in creating FS layers have not changed, since this started happening. I cannot think of what is wrong. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks.
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    Re: Frequency Separation "high" layer acting weird

    Change "Current and below" to "Current layer"


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      Re: Frequency Separation "high" layer acting weird

      Thank you. That took care of one aspect, but now the clone stamp effect is almost the opposite - VERY faded. The mode is set to normal. And opacity and flow set at 100.


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        Re: Frequency Separation "high" layer acting weird

        It clones what you have on "high" layer.


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          Re: Frequency Separation "high" layer acting weird

          ditch frequency separation and invest in Timothy Sexton Lynda courses


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