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Automatically detect and correct differences?

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  • Automatically detect and correct differences?


    Great forum and great contributors, really digging it so far

    I have an issue that I would love to find out the most efficient way to solve, automatically would be amazing but manually would work too.

    I shoot lots of product pack shots on a daily basis and we end up with differences in the background, we current do not want to cut the products out but keep the background and texture. There's really no way around it since we need to be a bit dynamic in the current setup, so there will always be differences but I would love to find out if there is a way of lets say measuring the color of the background on one reference image and automatically (or manually) correct all other images accordingly. I use Capture One for shooting and Camera Raw and Photoshop for corrections. Since it's a fast pace setup I need something that will measure and either correct or give me guidelines how to correct all the images as fast as possible.

    Does anyone sort of see what I mean? I've attached a collage of 4 images, the earrings in the bottom right corner is the reference image and I would like the others to have the same contrast and color in the background. Automatically would be ideal but it could also work if I was able to have them all like this side by side (with no borders inbetween) and being able to adjust each one of them manually to fit the reference image. It could be done in batches of 5-10 images, that's fine.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Automatically detect and correct differences?

    I do not have enough familiarity with Capture One to offer any insight into getting where you need to be. But this may be a moot point anyway as you are editing the raw in Adobe products.

    One way to tackle this in a semi automatic way using Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw (Lightroom even quicker to sync. (no need for Bridge) and if appropriate tethered capture?):
    • Batch process in Adobe Camera Raw or Sync in Lightroom
    • Open Adobe Bridge
    • Find your image folder
    • Select all your raw files
    • Click on the Camera Raw icon in Bridge
    • In Camera Raw adjust your background colour as required on one image - maybe select White Balance?
    • Select all images making sure the edited one is highlighted then click on Synchronise and select which areas to be copied across images (be aware that the changes are global)

    You may find that this will not always work well unless all images are shot at the same time under exactly the same conditions. If you are not already doing this a neutral grey card or a colour checker chart in one shot and correcting this one first may be of help


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      Re: Automatically detect and correct differences?

      Thanks Tony, great input! Will see what results I can get.

      I just started using a grey card but the consistency is not 100% so I will try your solution and see if it works well. Thanks again


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        Re: Automatically detect and correct differences?

        You have two or three issues:
        1- Using CaptureOne strictly to tether is waste of money and potential, You might as well use Lightroom to tether and do in Lightroom what @Tony W said, his procedure works the same in Lightroom, select all images, Adjust one, the rest will be adjusted the same. It is one stop shopping.

        Learn CaptureOne! It is waste of time to export to ACR, CaptureOne is the best Raw converter out there, you can create your output there without having to deal with ACR.

        There is setting in the session panel of CaptureOne that allows you to adjust and edit first picture and apply the same settings on subsequent images within the same session, even at latter time, as long as you are within the logical session. Say, you would like every picture to be B&W, once you capture the first image, turn it to BW then ask the session manager to apply the same setting for each new image, now, every time you click the shutter, the new image will come in BW, you do have the option to undo the setting per image or session.

        2- Your setup is not consistant, lights, BG, camera settings, camera position relative to object, no Gray card or any tool will help if your setup is haphazard.

        3- Sorry to be blunt, apparently you do not know CaptureOne, not aware of Lightroom (since you are using Capture to tether), do not know what each product does, maybe, just maybe, if you RTFM you will learn something. Apparently, you did not make an attempt to learn the tools you are using.

        Sorry for being harsh.


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          Re: Automatically detect and correct differences?

          I don't know if the above mentioned ACR sync will work - it should work if all the images except reference image are with same background color. But what if they are not?


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