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Question on cleaning: FS or Image?

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  • Question on cleaning: FS or Image?

    I have seen number of well known retouchers clean one of two ways and was wondering is one way better then the other or just different way to same results.

    1. Cleanup on a blank layer using healing brush.
    2. Clean up on HF layer using healing brush.

    I have done both but it seems easier to visually see areas using the FS layer.

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    Re: Question on cleaning: FS or Image?

    Assuming color (blotchy skin) isn't a big issue, I usually heal the major blemishes on a blank layer first, then set up the FS layers and deal with whatever remains.


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      Re: Question on cleaning: FS or Image?

      You already have an answer in your question. First method cleaning the whole image,and second just HF.


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