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Tablet or mouse ?

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  • Tablet or mouse ?

    Hello everyone, first of all sorry for my English if i talk nonsense.

    I make newborn baby retouch, and i use patch tool, do you think if i buy tablet will it be better ? is it easier to work with it then a mouse ?

    Wacom intuos art small is ok price but intuos pro small is expensive here. what is the difference between them and small size will be enough with macbook pro ?

    Thanks so much.

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    Re: Tablet or mouse ?

    For what you are doing tablet makes no difference. Small is fine for mac book pro. I use small on an iMac.


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      Re: Tablet or mouse ?

      Originally posted by skoobey View Post
      For what you are doing tablet makes no difference. Small is fine for mac book pro. I use small on an iMac.
      Thanks but so why do you use tablet instead of mouse ?


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        Re: Tablet or mouse ?

        oh sorry i think i misunderstood, you mean i dont need a tablet for retouching newborn baby skin with mostly patch tool ?


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          Re: Tablet or mouse ?

          Yes, you don't need it for patch tool. It's for subtle changes like dnb.


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            Re: Tablet or mouse ?

            Will it make the image better, possibly. But it's more about understanding how patch tool or any tools work, and best situations for their use. but it is for sure easier than a mouse if you intend on doing edits often. If only very occasionally, you could get by with just a mouse.


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