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    Hello, i came across Bastiaan Woudt`s black and white portraits for awhile ago. I was very intrigued by them and did some research. It seems like his lighting is pretty straightforward with just one medium/large octa a bit off camera axis. So i think the key to his look is mainly in the post processing of the images. Does anybody got an idea how it`s done? I can see that there often are no true blacks. But i would appreciate if you guy/girls have some further input.

    I think this image is pretty representative of his look:

    Here`s the link to the main site:

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    There are no true whites either. And I'd say a lot of dodge and burn to smooth out faces, clothes, backdrops, etc. (eliminating shadows) for that flawless smooth look. His work is very beautiful! Also, an awesome sensor with high dynamic rage, a great lens and a very big and diffused light source will give you the perfect starting point for this editing... if you try it with lesser equipment may end up not being able to get good contrast And smooth tones, that's my experience. O course it can be done, and we should do it anyway, hey, being poor should't stop our creativity hahah


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