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  • Analysis of film style...

    I found this wedding photographer some time ago. His style and color palette is very elegant, I have tried to analyze to learn a little more about the consistency of color in something as complicated as a wedding report ...

    I have read that he works mainly with film, but except that, what values ​​should be taken into account in a process to arrive at this clean style of very neutral white and soft but vibrant colors?

    Although this is not my style of photography, I would like to learn about these tonalities and the processes to reach them starting from a digital file.

    This is her Instagram account

    Thank you very much for your patience and help. I hope to learn and also contribute some of what I know to the forum. Thank you!

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    Re: Analysis of film style...

    First, check out the Nik filters (free download). Analog Efex and Color Efex both have film simulation filters that you can tweak and customize. Highly recommended.

    There's also a Fujifilm Simulator Photoshop plug-in you can buy ($20), though I have no idea how good it is.

    Finally, there are loads of film simulation tutorials online.


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