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Retouching Software Recommendation for Headshots


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  • Retouching Software Recommendation for Headshots

    I'm moving from architectural photography into the realm of head shots. Is there a "gold standard" portrait retouching software program that knowledgeable folks would recommend? (I currently own Photoshop and Lightroom).

    Any retouching software where the algorithms get you "almost there?" Or is it better to learn to do all of this in Photoshop?

    Thanks in advance to all who respond.


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    A software that's incredibly awesome and fast for skin retouch is Portraiture by Imagenomic. Don't be discouraged by the awful before/after they have in their website. You can do crap if you put all sliders on maximum hahah but with practice and understanding the parameters it's amazing what it can do.
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      For my money, Photoshop is the gold standard for retouching anything.