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  • Help me change backgroung

    Hello guys,

    I have a problem with a bad shooting. I've shoot some bicycles and i had to do in a low space, without enough lights cause space was so tight.

    So i uploaded in wetransfer the psd file of the bike, and i try to make a pure white from grey. When i try with curves i have problems with spokes, they blow out in highlights. I need to find a solution without pen.

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    Re: Help me change backgroung

    well the thing with taking darks and making them white is that, it wont happen easily and the end result wont always be what you want so you end up spending more time repairing the image than just simply shooting and pasting. I would like to tell you that most of the time you can avoid several headaches and time to repair things by simply taking the photo with proper lighting. By proper lighting i mean, making sure your image is not under/over exposed too much. You can either use lights or take he shot somewhere else.


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