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81 series filters simulated in ACR / Lr?

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  • frankg
    Re: 81 series filters simulated in ACR / Lr?

    Thanks Wolfman

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  • Wolfman
    Re: 81 series filters simulated in ACR / Lr?

    I think your suggestion of HSL sliders is worth a try if you want to stay in ACR.
    Also try the Camera Calibration sliders.

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  • frankg
    started a topic 81 series filters simulated in ACR / Lr?

    81 series filters simulated in ACR / Lr?

    I understand that I can use the col temp slider to change the degrees Kelvin and warm or cool the image (tungsten<>daylight etc) but warming it this way is more akin to an 85 filter. The 81a,b or c are a little different and I’m wondering whether it’s a case of using the Magenta and Yellow sliders in HSL?

    I also know that there are menu items in PS to apply these filters but I want to do it on Raw files in ACR

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