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help Downloading Original, Retouching #25?

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  • help Downloading Original, Retouching #25?

    I opened Retouching Challenge #25, clicked on the image for a larger file and ended up with only half of an oversized picture.

    Below the thumbnail the file sizes are: 49.4K / 684.5K
    and the Dimensions: 1440 x 2160

    I downloaded the smaller version but I would like more clarity.


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    I have sent you a PM


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      Assuming Mike helped you out with his PM, but I'm wondering if you missed the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of your window - so that you thought there was only half the picture, but actually the whole thing was there? I only ask because when I viewed the larger picture, I could only see the left portion of it on my display - the right came into view as I scrolled the window horizontally. It doesn't matter how much is actually shown on the screen - if there are scroll bars that allow you to get to the entire picture, then when you right-click to "save picture as", you will get the whole photo - not just the portion you see on the screen.



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        Retouch #25

        Hey Jeannie,

        Thanks again!

        Naw, I did use the scroll bar to view the missing section, I don’t know what I'm doing wrong. I downloaded the pix, but it's only half of the photo, I've attached the download so you can see the bottom section is missing and the posterized quality. I've gone back and opened a number of other challenges; this seems to be the only one giving me trouble...



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          I assume you tried downloading it more than once? What kind of internet connection do you have?

          (This is most bizarre - I'm grasping at straws here.)



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            hey jeanie,
            I have just a regular phone connection.

            I just realized, i used the smaller version of the restoration #47 (Judge) I just tried to get the larger image and again, only got half/two thirds of the pictrue....



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              Hmmm - this isn't making much sense to me, but here's a few other questions:

              - What OS are you running?
              - What browser are you using?
              - Do you have all the latest patches for your OS and browser?
              - Is the size of the half-downloaded file on your disk smaller than the (larger) size indicated below the thumbnail in the gallery?
              - Have you ever had problems downloading large files (from anywhere) before?