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    Do any one know of a book or course that I can get to learn photo retouching like they do for the magazine. I am using photoshop 7. I am a freelance makeup artist and don't all ways like what the lab do. Is there a plug-in that i can get to help.


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    Hi and welcome to Retouch Pro, you'll find lots of information here as well as great people.
    About your question there's another new member who does excellent work in this area, have a look at this thread it may be of some help.


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      Eric - the best results do not come from retouching done in Photoshop or other software, or in a darkroom using traditional methods.

      The best images come from photographers who know their stuff, specifically the lighting - and with the help of a good makeup artist there is even less to do on the computer. Yes, some minor cosmetic retouching may still be in order, and it is usually common to have to deal with some minor lighting issues. There are times when more extensive work is required, but it is always best to do this in photography where possible.

      It is easy to do makeovers in Photoshop for images that are not of professional quality - but when talking of proper photographers, makeup and models it is usually best to do as much as possibe up front.

      I used to work for a publisher of around 10 magazines, performing colour corretions and retouching - when left to my own devices I prefer to reduce some lines but I still like to leave a healthy dose of skintone and lines. I hate a fake airbrushed look, the age and character of the subject have to be taken into account. So reduce and not remove is my main goal.

      Katrin Eismanns retouching/restoration book has some info on doing digital makeovers. Have a look at the retouching challenge for the covergirl shot in the RetouchPro challenge archive. One day I will have to get around to doing that one - as my ideas do not seem to be reflected in others posts.

      Quick tips would be to use transparent correction layers with reduced opacity in both layer and tools, using darken and lighten and normal blends and clone stamp, healing tools, paint/air brush and smudge tools. Grain and noise will often be your ally, when retouching - while at other times it will make your life harder.

      A link to more on retouching here:

      Stephen Marsh.
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