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PSP 7 color channel

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  • jeaniesa
    Hi Alex,

    If the red channel is the only one without the felttip marker present, then you're pretty much stuck with a grayscale (B&W) image. If you try to replace the green and blue channels with the good red channel, then all of the channels contain the same information - resulting in a grayscale image.

    Is it possible for you to post the image here? (Make sure to keep the file size of the image under 100KB or you won't be able to attach it.) We might be able to give you some other possibilities for fixing the problem if we can actually see it.

    You might also take a look at this tutorial to see if there's anything there that might be helpful to you.


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  • AlexMarques
    started a topic PSP 7 color channel

    PSP 7 color channel

    Only recently I have found this "place" and learned a lot in the past 48 hours.
    But "almost" all is based on the Photoshop...8(
    Now back to the correct question...
    I have a color photo damaged with a felt tip marker, recently learned that kind of damage could be repaired easly by using RGB channel separation ...
    following the "Laveena" tutorial and trying to apply it in PSP 7 resulted in a duotuone or gray image...
    My problem is that the less damaged colour channel is the RED.
    All the others have the "felttip" trace...
    Translating from the PS tutorial if I replace the damaged channel with another we should get the same pic only with a few colour errors corrected by using the channel mixer...
    after fiddling with that I only get a grey image or a 2 colored one...
    I tried to "compile" the image from the RED channel only forcing PSP to read it as being also the green and the blue...
    Trying to "colorise" or "channel mix" ing only gave me duotone, grey type of results...
    Ideas how to use the RED channel only ?

    Great place to start hanging ...