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Hair Colour Chart In Photoshop 6?

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  • Hair Colour Chart In Photoshop 6?

    Hi, I was looking at Jakaleena's tutorial on colorisation in Photoshop. I have Photoshop 6 and cannot find the colour chart for hair and skin that she is using. Where can I find this?...Thanks in advance....Val

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    Hi Val!

    Welcome to RP!

    Hi, I am running photoshop 6 on a PC. and cant for the life of me see a "resources" button to the left of my screen so that I can access the skin colours etc. Can you help I would be delighted if I could find it.
    ....It's really very confusing....isn't it? .... I can't remember all the times I got lost .... ....

    Anyway, the resources CJ referred to in her post for Jak's wonderful tutorial, are not to be found in Photoshop, (regardless of the version), but right here, at RetouchPro ... by clicking on the dark grey MENU bar on the left side of your screen...

    ....and the 'Skin and Hair' colour Charts you were looking for, are here

    1) Left click on them to view the full size.
    2) Right click on them and "save image as..." to download them .....
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      Hi Flora,
      Thank you so much. I feel that this site is going to be a very, very, useful place. I have done quite a lot of retouching as a hobby and I am lucky enough to have photoshop 6 and Coral photopaint 8. I have always found colorisation easier to go in Corel, this could be because it has a wonderful tool called the mask brush tool which is very useful for pushing the pixels into place to make a selection. Photoshop doesnt seem to have this kind of tool.Thanks again Val .


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