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    I was just reading a book on flash photography and studio lighting and was wondering if anybody had ever used the PS lighting effect filter to simulate studio lighting such as umbrellas and soft boxes. I am going to do a little experimentation with some simple one-flash portrait type pics to see if it can be done. However I have to believe that somebody else must have already thought of this and tried it out.

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    Good questions...

    I'm interested too and started surfing the net figuring there must be zillions of tutorials on how to use this filter for its obvious intended purpose.

    So far: Slim Pickin's.

    Here's what I came up with so far:
    * - a little weak, but some substance

    * http://www.educationonlineforcompute...-photoshop.php - looks like it has some potential, but not free

    Hopefully someone will have better luck than I did.


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      AutoFX Software make a photoshop compatible plug-in called Mystical Lighting and will simulate any type of lighting effect you want. Check it out at - I use it and haven't been disappointed once. Comes in handy when you need to add some light to a photo.


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        i invented a way of sort of imitating studio lighting and posted it elsewhere but nobody seemed too interested.
        duplicate layer twice
        set one on multiply, one on screen.
        layer mask on each of the two layers.
        in one layer mask drag a BtoW gradient from the left side of the face to the right
        in the other layer mask drag a similar gradient from the right to the left.
        might take some experimentation to get the right starting and ending points for the gradient.
        at this point you should have a nice transition from light to dark over the face, if not adjust the opacities of the layers.
        then use a soft white or black brush in either or both layers to accentuate the shadow of the nose, cheeks, lips whatever you need



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          Arial narrow Just another new arrival looking for help and started my search here. I'm an old broad learning new tricks. I have some really old family portraits that are mildewed and water spotted from being stored in of all places a well house. I freaked when I found these ... they are my granddad, his wife, mother and father. Apparently my cousins were unaware the photos were in the container they were found in. They were appalled as much as I was. So far I haven't had much luck on my own with trying to restore these photos although I have had the best luck with my grand dad and his father because they were not as badly damaged as the other two. I'm glad I finally looked for help and in that looking found this place I hope to share many hours with as many of you as possible.


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            Welcome. Glad you found us, too. There are lots of nice folks willing to help when we can.



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