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  • retouching e-mailed photo

    -I got a photo from a friend on my Outlook Express e-mail and I wanted to work on it in Photosop Elements 2. I can save it to the desktop and open it there if I save as "Outlook Express e-mail message", but I can't seem to get it to open from Elements as when I go to "Browse" it won't access a photo on the desktop.

    I can get the image into a folder in Image Browser software, but when I try to open it in the folder, it opens through my e-mail and I'm right back at square one. If I don't save as "OE email messge" it saves as "simple text -text doc" and the e-mail message is there with no picture. Those appear to be my only options to save the image.

    I am not terribly efficient or knowledgeable about the Image Browser program or computers in general, and can't find anything in the Browser software manual or the Elements manual about this. Any suggestions, or am I " beating a dead horse " ? I use an Mac G4 and OS 9.2. I posted this on the retouching forum of, and got several responses there, none of which worked, and the suggestion to post here. I'm glad to know about this forum. New to me, and me to it, so thanks for letting me post . If I'm posting this in the wrong place, please shove me in the right direction!
    Thanks !

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    Can you rightclick on the image in the Outlook message (or cmd-click if you're on a Mac) and "Save as..." the file? It sounds like it's saving as an Outlook message and not as an image file. If nothing else, just view it anyway you can view it, copy it to your clipboard, then in Elements use File>New and paste it in.
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      There could be several reasons for your problem, none of which are your fault

      When my sis who uses AOL, sends a picture to my other sis that uses a Mac with OS 9.2 and Outlook Express, sis #2 can see the image but can't save it. I did some digging and couldn't find a reasonable explanation - maybe the planets aren't lined up properly

      To solve the problem, I had sis #2 forward the original email to me and I could both save it and send it back to her in a format that she could use.

      If you want to try that, email me privately and I'll send you my proper email address so you can forward the message to me.

      Take care, Margaret


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        retouching e-mail photo

        Doug - It doesn't work with any of your suggestions. There is no "cmd" (command??) key on a Mac, so I tried the control, the option and the apple icon keys (separately) with your trick. None worked . When I go to "save as", I have only two options, "email message" and "simple text" both of which I mentioned in my post. Other possibilities you mentioned that fall under the menu at the top of the screen are either gray-ed out and/or not available . I think that the reply by Margaret is probably what is going on. I may give that a try. Boy do I appreciate the quick responses. This has become a challenge! While this particular photo is not THAT important, another one a professional colleague is sending for me to print is important, and I'd like to solve this before he sends in a week or so.


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          Margaret -retouching e-mail photo

          I felt it would be courteous to ask my friend who sent the photo if she minded my forwarding it to you. If she agrees, I'll try that. How do I find your e-mail address on this forum? I'm the newest newbie here, and fumbling around a little! Carolyn a.k.a. Ranger


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            Doug's suggestion should work for you - if you can see the picture, put your mouse pointer in the middle of the picture, hold down the control (ctrl) key and click the mouse button. A menu will pop up in the middle of the picture and it should have an option to save attachment.

            Try it. If the menu that pops up doesn't say anything about attachments, write us back and tell us what it does say.

            Hope this helps,


            to email me privately, click on the little button that says PM right below this message.


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              Doug and Margaret - retouching email picture

              Hey guys...IT WORKED! Mille, mille, mille Grazie!!! I have been wrestliing this for days and you two figured it out for me. I'm eternally grateful! I am really excited about this forum. So glad you are here as I'm having a lot of fun with images and retouching, and it is great to have experts on the job!


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                You're welcome Carolyn and glad we could help.

                You will find many people here who have "expertise" in many different areas and all are willing to help.

                Take care, Margaret