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Help please? tones tones tones....


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  • Help please? tones tones tones....

    Hi guys. I am trying to achieve this sort of tone: (or as close to it as possible)

    With this image:

    Can anyone advise me on how to achieve this with various adjustments?

    Thank you

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    Please try this, I'm using Photoshop CS6 . Open IMG_4142.jpg. Go to Image/ Adjustments/ Match Color. In Match Color Panel Go To "Save Statistics" save as Advanced Sepia .Now open
    Beauty Shot Image jpg. Again Go To Image/Adjustments/ Match Color. In Match Color Panel Go To " Load Statistics" . Now Load "Advanced Sepia" Statistic you saved Previously.
    In the Match Color Panel Reduce Color Intensity to about 50 or to your preference. Click Ok. Add Adjustment layer of " Vibrance" and adjust to preference . If you need lipstick color changed
    use selection tool to separate on new layer and use Hue/Saturation layer to adjust color of lips (Make sure you clip Adjustment Layer to Lips ONLY and NOT Whole Photo) I hope this is
    what you are looking for---George


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      Here is a link to a before and after image, and also a link to the PSD file with layers so you can see exactly what I did (click "Control Panel" below):
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        I see the skin tones as quite similar to the sample so I used contrast curves applied selectively (with a mask) to darken and lighten various areas to get close to the sample. Sharpen in darken mode with the same approach.


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          Thank you everyone !!