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Cutting out model from background, advice please?

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  • Cutting out model from background, advice please?

    Hello everyone.

    I am hoping for some advice on a technique to cut out this model from background for a colour change. I have always struggled to do this and would really love to learn how to do it well. Any advice would be much appreciated

    Image below:

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    Since the edges are all sharp, the Quick Select tool plus Refine Edge works well. (To learn many masking techniques, study Katrin Eismann's book Photoshop Masking & Compositing (2nd Edition)

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      image_96578.jpg So many ways to do it. One of those is Sabrina's way. Try several and use whatever suits you, I just put the Bg below the models face and used layer mask to brush away the light brown bg of the photo. using a sharp brush and blurred the mask a bit. This may not be ideal for some but I got used to it eversince I started using Photoshop.


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        I often use the pen tool to make a selection, then mask it off and switch to a brush to further refine the mask. Sometimes I just use a brush, really just depends on the image and what I feel like using.


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          Select any selection tool in PS, click "Select and Mask" on the top menu, then click "select object", some minor refinement might be required. Photoshop CC is required, latest update. total time is under 3 minutes.


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              Gary: I think the OP would like some advice on how to do it.


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                Agreed. I pondered that but what I did is mentioned in most of the previous replies other than the individual framing. Still 'how was it done' is always best. I started with select and mask in CC, fine tuned the hair selection with Quick Mask mode then copied the three to a new layer. Underneath this, I picked a BG and cropped it to match. Other than a few blemish removals and the framing, that was about it.