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3DLUTmobile application for color grading

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  • 3DLUTmobile application for color grading

    Do you edit photos on a smartphone? Meet 3DLUT mobile — a new app for working with LUTs on your smartphone! Perhaps you have heard about LUTs or even use them for complex color correction. Finally, it is possible to use LUTs in mobile devices to simulate film colors and trending gradings such as teal&orange!

    Color presets in #3dlutmobile are stored as LUTs on #3dlutcreator server. You can create your own presets using 3D LUT Creator and upload them to the server for use in this application.

    The main features of 3DLUT mobile:
    - Basic color correction (brightness, contrast, saturation, white balance)
    - Complex color correction of photos and video with the help of ready-made presets based on LUTs
    - Regular updating of LUT bundle (Internet connection is required)

    3DLUT mobile is available for download on Google Play for mobile devices based on Android:

    iOS version will be released later.

    Process your photos using 3DLUT mobile and share them with your friends on social networks!

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