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Matching tones, light and shadow

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  • Matching tones, light and shadow

    Hello, I am looking for advice and tips for this process in retouching

    Basically, I have been retouching beauty sets recently rather than a single beauty image

    I am really struggling to match tones, light and shadow

    I find it difficult because of the pose changes which makes the light, shadow and tone change in the image

    How is it possible to match them? obviously because the the light and shadow is different for different image, how is it possible to match it and how exact do they need to be matched?

    Any advice and process tips would be really appreciated.

    I have just finished these two images and I am stressed out a little because the light and tones do not match to me, Am I being too picky? please let me know your opinions.

    Huge Thank you!!

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    You might be too picky. They look fine to me. You already said it: "I find it difficult because of the pose changes which makes the light, shadow and tone change in the image" Of course all that happens. Unless your client wants you to change things I wouldn't worry about it. As long as the color is uniform in all the images of a set under the same lighting.
    Walk away from the images for a while and then go back to them and have another look. You might have a better perspective after stepping away.


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      I'll be more concerned with the light hot spots on her face. I agree with Wolfman on his assessment.


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        They are awesome, you're probably being too picky. I have no advice, it's hard as you mentioned, just maybe to charge more if you can tell a job will take you too long


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