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Reading faint handwriting

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  • Reading faint handwriting

    Any chance anyone could help me? This was on the back of an old WWI era family photo but we don't know who it was. The handwriting is too faint. I have tried everything I know on photoshop but only am so smart in that department.

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    Some thoughts:
    Can I assume that you made the image with a scanner? If so try this instead. Look very carefully and see if the writing made a "dent" into the paper. If so then use a single small light held at angle to see if the sides of the dent cast a shadow which you can then photograph with a camera. You might also see if double polarized light set up might help that. Make sure you are in a darkened room with no stray light hitting the card when doing this.
    I have used this method but it does have limitations, some times you almost have to copy letter by letter but in the end we where able to make it out.
    Good Luck!!!


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      Evidently my previous link was not "approved"? So will try this. If unapproved again please explain.

      I can't read anything but maybe this will help you sort some of it out.
      I used various adjustment layers then painted over all the lines I could make out... hope this helps.

      The file contains the different layers I used to show how I achieved this.. and is over 300mb so must be downloaded to view.. sorry for any inconvenience.
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