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Automatic photo editing - Yea or Nay?


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  • Automatic photo editing - Yea or Nay?

    Yesterday I've came upon this article: What do you guys think of auto photo editing? For me, AI is a useful advancement in mechanical and technical processes like noise reduction where a clever algorithm will likely produce a better result than a human. But when it comes to creative decision making, I prefer to do that myself. Allowing a machine to decide how my image is to look would be plain lazy as it completely circumvents the creative process.

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    I am really grateful for this information!
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      Automatic editing is great, but the quality is not always at the level, because AI is often mistaken. If you are interested in this topic, look and read articles about AI in the cameras of mobile phones, where it manifests itself very well. I know for sure that I'm not good at effects, I use online services, like photo editing service. But I'm not ready to completely trust AI.


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        Big difference between automatic and handmade editing. I always want to edit from my thinking where quality is my first priority.


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          No, I like to do it myself


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            I think automated editing can never totally replace the human input because restoration and retouching is an art form and requires interpretation that no amount of programming can totally replace. Yes there are aspects that can be used and they are as pointed out by others in the algorithms but at the end of the day its the human input that makes the difference.


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              There is no right answer. AI editing has its place in your tool box...and depends on what you want, how quickly you want it and who you want to show it to. There are many products out there; just use the one you like or go the old fashion and take a picture that needs no editing.